Monday, January 19, 2009

Liverpool Winter - 2008 - 2009

The great thing about the winter sun is that it sits real low in the sky, and the way it lines up with the Liverbirds, a great opportunity for some dramatic shots of the Skyline. Sure beats the grey non event days.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Mist Over the Mersey - Liverpool Panoramics

Mist over the Mersey, These Panoramics are the first shots of 2009 showing mist rolling in, available for large format printing.

Panoramics - Liverpool Red Dawn Shots

For more information regarding these panoramic images read the post below, please direct any orders vie my email link or main website.

Panoramic Night Shots Liverpool

Panoramic images available for large format printing, night shots of the Liverpool Skyline. It's hard to do these images justice on this blog due to the size & aspect ratio, they are between 6000 and 10000 pixels wide. I will be posting links to view the full size images using the Zoomify display technology, unless i find another way to do it.

In 2008 the Liverpool Skyline was lit by a fantastic firework display, the likes we will probably not see again for a very long time, this was to celebrate the 700 year end of slavery. The end of the year of Culture Capital New Years Eve 2008 there where no Fireworks, no money left? No they decided to put the end of 2008 show on the 10th of January 2009... There was a Firework display but a lot of mist in the air too, so the shots from that display will be posted soon but don't look as impressive as this display.

QE2 Final Dawn in Liverpool 2008

The QE2's final voyage, as she silently slipped into Liverpool for the last time (ok so the first one is the Saga Rose), I was lucky to have spotted this, and later that night I took another panoramic shot with the Mersey Ferry passing for the last time.

In an effort to keep the page fresh & neat, I've updated some old post's with additional images, which have nothing to do with the original post, spot the QE2, the QM2 looks pretty similar.

Liverpool Tall Ships Race 2008

A few images of the Liverpool Skyline from 2008, This was the day of the day of the Tall Ships Race, they don't look much at this size, I will post a link to the full size panoramic & additional shots.

More dawn shots, taken of the Liverpool Skyline 2008. More Liverpool image galleries are posted on the main website here: